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    From the Steering Committee….
    You may have noticed a different look about this email–our new logo for example.  Big changes are afoot here.  Most notable, MACPM has completed the process begun a few years ago and has been welcomed as an official chapter of the National Association of CPMs.  Our chapter will now function like other professional organizations (like the Maine Chapter of ACNM).  Our work will still be directed from Maine, but we also now get to take advantage of the infrastructure and support a large, national organization offers.  For example, our memberships will now be handled by NACPM.  You can easily join both organizations online from the NACPM website.  More about that below.
    And there are more changes!  In response to feedback from members through a survey and we are changing the way we do our work.  It was clear that quarterly in-person meetings in Augusta were challenging for many members.  Instead, we intend to have on annual meeting in October held in conjunction with the Maine ACNM meeting.  We will be sending quarterly newsletters like this one to update members of our work, to share relevant new research, and to solicit feedback and participation.  We are also re-committing to our mission of providing regular peer review and continuing education.  You will see more about this in the Upcoming Events section of this newsletter.  A primary driver for the Steering Committee is making our work more accessible, so look for events in different locations of the state with childcare provided!  We want to make it easy for you to join us.
    Have we mentioned how much we want you to join us?  The answer is A LOT!  MACPM exists to support the practice of CPMs in the state.  Below you will find information about the ways (and people) representing MACPM around the state, upcoming peer reviewnew research, and more!
    Over the past year MACPM has done a tremendous amount of work, including passing a bill that will license CPMs by 2020.  This work is not without cost.  There are many hours of work, and many thousands of dollars involved.  Membership and fundraising is part of the way we fund our work, but it has not been enough.  Donations and loans from members, Birthwise Midwifery School, and Morningstar Midwifery have helped to sustain the organization.  The Steering Committee is committed to forging a path forward that is financially sustainable.  To that end, we are asking you to both join MACPM and to consider donating to MACPM.  You can make a one-time donation, how about a reoccurring monthly donation.  Even $5-10 a month could make a big difference in our ability to secure the counsel we need to make sure we are effectively represented during the Rules and Regulations process.
    Please send any feedback or suggestions to the Steering Committee.  We would be happy to know what we can do to support your practices!
    Holly Arends Murphy, CPM, Co-chair
    Beth Bongiolatti, CPM, NHCM, Co-chair
    Hope Jackson, CPM, Secretary
    Dani Scanlon, CPM, Treasurer

    Joining and renewing your membership is easy!  Go to the NACPM website and with a few simple clicks you can join both organizations with a single payment online by either credit or debit card, or you can mail a check.  Make sure when you sign up through the website that you select the Maine Chapter option.  Dues remain $175 and that includes both organizations.Do you have a student?  Students can join both organizations for only $25 total!  Please encourage your students to join.
    Upcoming Events:

    February 162-3:30pm“Evidence-Informed Practice: Research Literacy & Shared Decision-Making”
    February 23, 2-3:30pm“Diversity Matters: What Are Our Challenges?”
    February 27, 9am-3pm, Independent Research Presentations at Birthwise Midwifery School
    March 1010-3pmCPR and Peer Review in Rockland
    April 1810-4pmCPR and Peer Review in Yarmouth
    April 21, 9pm-12pm, Advanced Airway Workshop, Boothbay Harbor
    October 13, time TBD, Annual Meeting
    NACPM is hosting regular webinars that you can join live or view later.  The webinars are free and CEUs are available for a nominal fee.  Recent webinars covered GBSRacism in Healthcare, and Zika.
    Pulse Oximeter Update
    In the fall, many of you participated in a program to make pulse oximeters more available to screen babies born out-of-hospital.  We had hoped that we would distribute those machines by the end of the year, but unfortunately the state has not released the 15 machines they have to MACPM.  (The hold up, by the way, is that the machines were purchased with federal grant money.  As such they are considered “federal surplus property” and there are conditions that must be met for them to be released.)  We continue to work with the state to try to expedite the procedure, but as of publication we have no estimate of when they will be available.  That is the bad news.The good news is that MACPM has purchased two machines because the need exceeded the number the state had available.  The Steering Committee has decided to place those machines in strategic places in the state so that they can be available to the most midwives and can in turn screen the most babies.  One machine has been placed at Sacopee Valley Midwives and one has been placed at Birch Moon Midwifery.  Both practices have agreed to both loan the machine to other practices and to screen babies born in other practices at no cost to the family.  It is our estimation that these two machines will be accessible to the majority of MACPMmembers.  Please contact the practices directly to arrange to use them.  Below are important resources for CCHD screening.
    Reporting Form
    Text of Law
    Mueller Table
    Screening Algorithm
    New Research
    “A Model Practice Template for Hydrotherapy in Labor and Birth”“Folic Acid for the Prevention of Neural Tube Defects: Preventive Medication

    “Impacts of Mode of Delivery on the Microbiome”

    Maine Medical Center Obstetrical/Perinatal Guidelines

    “Chlorhexidine Gluconate: Rare But Serious Allergic Reactions”

    Securing representation from skilled lobbyists has been critical to our success thus far.  Until now, MACPM has shouldered the financial burden alone, including nearly $10,000 worth of debt from the past year.  Recently the Home Birth Collaborative decided to collectively share the cost going forward.  MACPM’s contribution will likely be about $1,000 a month.  We are exploring several fundraising options, but most important is direct contributions from members and clients.  Please consider a donation, or even better, setting up a recurring donation.  And share the idea with clients.  If every member could donate $50 a month we would more than cover our expenses for this calendar year.  If $50 is beyond your ability, even $10 a month would put a significant dent in our financial commitments.  To make a one-time donation or to set up a reoccurring donation, contact Dani Scanlon.
    Organizational Representatives
    Part of MACPM’s work is to build connections and represent CPMs in different professional organizations.  MACPM representatives serve as a channel of communication to and from MACPM members and represent the interests of CPMs and out-of-hospital clients.  If you have ideas of other places MACPM should be represented, or if you are interested in representing MACPM, please contact the Steering Committee.Perinatal Leadership Coalition of Maine
    The PLC is a group made up of representatives from the Labor and Delivery units of each of the Maine hospitals as well as representatives from MACPM.  It is an important venue for building connections, continuing education, and addressing practice issues.  Topics at the last meeting included therapeutic hypothermia, Newborn Screening updates, preventing primary cesareans, and the Maternal Health Alliance of Maine.
    Holly Arends Murphy, CPM
    Sasha Genest, CPM

    Maine State Breastfeeding Coalition
    The MSBC is a coalition of people and providers committed to supporting breastfeeding parents in Maine and increasing breastfeeding rates.  At the most recent meeting there was a discussion of work the Maine Women’s Lobby is doing to advocate for adequate parental leave, a key component of breastfeeding success.  The Maine Women’s Lobby is collecting personal stories of people impacted by inadequate parental leave.  You can find out more information at their website.
    Becky Koller, CPM

    Maine Home Birth Collaborative
    The Home Birth Collaborative continues its work toward funding the midwifery licensing law passed in 2016.  No action has been taken by the State to fund or implement the law at this point.  Funding is necessary to implement the law and put the infrastructure in place for CPMs to acquire a state license including adding more members to the Board of Health Care Providers that will write the Rules and Regulations.  Starting in 2020, licensure will be required of all practicing CPMs whether or not these requirements have been fulfilled.  It is the belief of the Home Birth Collaborative that the sooner the law can be funded the better prepared the licensing body will be to provide a flawless process for CPMs, and the more time can be spent on the process of writing Rules and Regulations, which will ultimately dictate the practice of CPMs in Maine.

    For these reasons, the Collaborative wrote and presented a bill to fund the licensing law.  The Public Hearing was held on January 31.  We believe the bill will move to Appropriations with a nearly unanimous “ought to pass” recommendation.  From there it will move to the House and Senate, and finally to the Governor.  We will likely be asking for your support in contacting legislators sometime soon.

    Additionally, the Home Birth Collaborative has formed a subcommittee working to write Rules and Regulations that they intend to present to the Board as a recommendation.  This subcommittee, whose members include Laura Seaton, CPM and Jill Breen, CPM, brings their work back to the Home Birth Collaborative for discussion and approval, in the same manner and process as was used to write the licensing bill.  The Home Birth Collaborative is also transitioning toward becoming a permanent organization in the state as the Perinatal Quality Coalition.  This organization intends to continue the collaborative relationship between professions that was formed by the Home Birth Collaborative.  The Perinatal Quality Coalition plans to host a Fall Summit in October 2017.

    Previously MACPM hired Moose Ridge to lobby on our behalf.  Their contribution has been invaluable.  Moving forward Moose Ridge will be working on behalf of the Perinatal Quality Coalition to secure funding for the bill.  MACPM has struggle to meet the financial commitments of hiring lobbyists for the past few years.  These responsibilities will now be shared among the Perinatal Quality Coalition member organizations, with a smaller but significant amount falling to MACPM.  Please support this work by making a financial contribution to MACPM in whatever way and amount you are able.  We also welcome your fundraising ideas and initiatives.
    Ellie Daniels, CPM
    Hope Jackson, CPM

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