• Beth Bongiolatti – Bridgton

    BethShe began her study of midwifery during graduate school at the SIT Graduate Institute (formerly the School for    InternationalTraining/SIT) while completing her Master’s degree in Sustainable International Development. She completed her dissertation on a working theory of “Developmental Midwifery,” examining the role of birth in communities experiencing civil war and conflict.

    Her clinical midwifery training was initiated during the practicum portion of her graduate studies, working with the Yayasan Bumi Sehat midwifery clinic in Bali, Indonesia. She worked for eight months at the clinic, examining the intersection of midwifery, community development, and global health. Under the tutelage midwives from Bali, Australia, Europe, and Canada, she lived and worked in the community surrounding the clinic attending births. Beth is also the Associate Academic Director, Faculty, & Staff Midwife at The Birth House.


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