• Morgan Gaines, CPM — Wells

    Morgan began her journey to midwifery after experiencing the guidance and love a midwife could provide throughout the pregnancy and births of her three babies in a freestanding birth center in Stratham, New Hampshire. She began training as an assistant with her midwives just 6 short months after her last baby was born and was unable to keep the passion from flourishing.

    In pursuit of her calling, she began her midwifery education at Birthwise Midwifery School and graduated in 2016. After a rigorous 4 year apprenticeship, she took a year off holding her own babies and reconnecting with her husband who has been her biggest support system. In September of 2017 she passed the NARM exam and with great pride became a CPM.
    She looks forward to bringing women’s health care, traditional midwifery and home birth to the community where her roots lie, in Wells, Maine and the surrounding areas.
    When she isn’t with her ladies, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, runs on the beach, the farm life and dog kisses.
    You can find more information at flourishmidwifery.com
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