Robin Doolittle Illian--Portland

Robin suspected midwifery was her calling before ever attending a birth, but when she witnessed that first birth in 2001 it sparked her passion for being able to provide quality care to women choosing home birth. Ten years and over 200 births later, Robin is honored to be the primary midwife of Open Circle Midwifery Services in Portland, Maine. She attends around 2 births per month as well as providing pre and post-natal care to her clients, teaching at Birthwise Midwifery School, and being mom to her one year old son, Leo and 5 year old stepdaughter, Francesca.  Robin holds a bachelor of science in Anthropology and Biology from James Madison University in Virgina, and attended Birthwise Midwifery School in Bridgton, Maine for her midwifery training. Within her training, she attended births in Maine, New Hampshire, California, Colorado and Senegal. In 2005 she returned to Maine as a practicing CPM. As a midwife, Robin believes that women deserve to be honored, listened-to and encouraged to tap into their own wisdom during their pregnancies, births and motherhood. Informed choice is a cornerstone to her practice; given information, Robin knows that women and families will make the choices that are best for them. She believes that midwifery is not only about monitoring and ensuring physical safety, but also about planting seeds of empowerment and sharing the responsibility of care with pregnant/birthing women so that they will learn to trust their bodies/selves and use that experience to strengthen them throughout the journey of parenthood.