• Brenda Surabian–Limington

    brendaBrenda has over 20 years experience as a Certified Professional Midwife. She practiced as an AEMT in her community for 25 years.

    She was called to midwifery in 1982, when she gave birth to her first child. A year later she assisted a close friend with her birth. Her desire to increase service options for women was driven by the limited choices available for women in rural communities of Colorado.

    Her second child was born on “The Farm” in Tennessee. These midwives were peaceful birth experts.   Experiencing first hand the skill and competence of these midwives set her on the path of apprentice-trained midwifery. She completed an apprenticeship with Barbara Prose in Maine from 1991-1994. She participated in an intensive practical midwifery program in El Paso Texas in 1994 and sat for the national exam for Certified Professional Midwives In 1995.

    Brenda has served as a preceptor for students in the US, Jamaica and Senegal and has been an advocate for health promotion in communities at risk.

    In 2005 after the wake of Hurricane Katrina she worked with the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood on the Women and Infants Service Package.

    In 2015 Brenda travelled to Armenia to spend time assisting as a midwife in rural clinics outside of Yerevan in collaboration with the medical team from the Children of Armenia Fund. Brenda has been inspired and motivated by the holistic and comprehensive approach of the midwifery programs she has assisted with and started the Fund for Rural Armenian Midwifery Education (FRAME–project.org) in April of 2015.

    Brenda lives on a peaceful mini farm on the Saco River where she hosts students through the WWOOF program, and houses the Smoke Island Arts Studio. She loves an adventure and enjoys time with her many friends and family. She welcomed her first grand baby at home in June 2014, second in February of 2016 and third in August of 2016! She loves being a grammy and her work with Maine families as they travel the path to parenthood!

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